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Initiated by Chinese mothers to pay the Highest Respect for Indigenous Peoples, Over the Rainbow- The Special Concert for Marking Canada's National Truth and Reconciliation Day, The performance team is dedicatedly grouped by Indigenous artists, Chinese artists and artists from other ethnic groups.

The concert will present the scenes from the Carol of Native Land long time ago to the historically greatest grieve of residential school, then the truth reconciliation that has been gradually achieved today through a variety of art forms as Indigenous narrations, music, dance, and historical documentaries.  We wish more and more people and communities to be awakened to care for the Indigenous people and to help them transcend the sufferings and heal the pain left in the past, to strive to move towards a future of justice, reconciliation, to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the history, and to respect everyone on this land.


Event Details

Reservations Until:10/02/2022 18:30
Starts on:01/01/1970 00:00
Ends on:10/02/2022 22:00
Location:Michael J. Fox Theatre